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ANtti merilehto

Awarded speaker

Do you want a speaker or a moderator that will energizes your event? 

Finnish Evento Award winner speaker and moderator!

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Evento Awards

Speaker of the year

Antti Merilehto is an inspiring and enthousiastic speaker. Antti has been voted among fellow speakers Evento Awards Speaker of the Year in 2018. Ex-Googler, Bestselling author and entrepreneur. Do you want a speaker that will energizes, dynamic and give new motivation for the future?


Featured in international media
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AI – A Guide For A Leader

AI - A Guide For A Leader (orig. Tekoäly matkaopas johtajalle) was on its publishing year a bestseller in Finland. 

What AI is today? How can machine learning be helpful? How can you use these in your organizations strategy? 

AI - A Guide For A Leader is a very important book. Merilehto tells a very important topic and its impact in a very clear and concise way.

- Vesa Puttonen,professeyur in finance, Aalto University


Antti in Finnish media

When there's a need to understand about newest technology trends, Finnish media asks Antti:


Millaista on vastuullinen tekoäly?

Tekoäly koskettaa meidän kaikkien arkeamme yhä enemmän. Yle Areenan Studiossa tietokirjailija Antti Merilehto.


Merilehto kirjoitti kirjan yritysjohtajille

Antti Merilehto teki suomalaisjohtajille kirjan tekoälystä, koska heidän pitää ottaa se haltuun nyt. Muuten bisnekset katoavat alta.

Uutisaamu Tekoäly taviksille – katso maksutta MTV Katsomossa 2022-11-11 14-37-30.png 2022-11-11 15-27-42

Tekoälyn kehitys etenee suurella vauhdilla

Mitä on eksponentiaalinen kasvu ja miten se liittyy teknologian kehitykseen? Onko poliisiautossa tekoälyä?

Often asked questions


What topics Antti discusses?

Almost always keynote is about technology from a human approach.

Do you do trainings?

Yes, especially training about different AI tools such as ChatGPT.

Can you use our organization as an example in your keynote?

Yes all the keynotes are tailored for your needs!

" As a speaker Antti is very clear. He does extensive background work, and it's very easy to work with him."

-Teppo Valtonen